Customs Clearance

The tariff classifications, value declaration, and duty management may create confusion, increase shipment costs and delay cargo on board.

We have various cargo release systems to ensure that your goods are cleared in Hong Kong and China in the shortest time attainable.

We provide the following services dealing with export, import and trans-shipment air shipments:

  • Release of goods stored in Customs
  • Customs inspection services
  • Bonded warehouse services
  • In-bond cargo movement
  • Customs transits
  • International commerce

Shipment Tracking & Supply Chain Analysis Tracking and Reporting

Our customers have the ability to track and trace all cargo movements using our own custom-designed, online platforms. With a personal computer and a standard internet connection, you can have real-time visibility of your shipments from point of origin, the Customs clearance process and finally, the local carrier delivery.

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