Duty Drawback

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Drawback is the refund, reduction or waiver - in whole or in part - of customs duties assessed or collected upon importation of an article or materials which are subsequently exported.

Drawback is driven by exports, so it’s most vital for you to be aware of your rights during this stage of the shipping process. For instance, did you know that you may be able to recover 99% of all Customs duties paid on any imported materials contained in your exported products; and that by filing the proper documentation, you can apply for a retroactive refund of any import duties paid going back three years from date of export?

You want to be able stay competitive, identify every available cost-savings, and then utilize them effectively. We can identify these opportunities for you – even going back up to three years.

Our Services

  • Identify imports that qualify for drawback claims
  • Authorized accounting procedures
  • Analysis of exports to qualify shipments
  • Manufacturing drawback provisions
  • Explore revenue sharing arrangements
  • Ability to prepare and file Drawback Claims
  • Live automated submissions to US Customs
  • Refunds within 30-45 days
  • Track Recoveries & Liquidations
  • Dedicated Customs Drawback Compliance Team
  • Full Audit support available

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"When our equipment is finished, tested, and ready for shipment, we rely on our strong relationship with The American Companies to handle the details of the shipment."

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