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Track and trace all cargo shipped by our trucking partners.

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The AmeriTruck online platform is your solution for “Last Mile Visibility”. As our client, you will be able to extend the Track and Trace capabilities of your import cargo - from the time it is made available by the international carrier (at the arriving terminal), through actual delivery. You will even have the opportunity to monitor the return of the empty container, if desired. Because we can provide you with all drayage event dates and times, you can then easily measure “on time” compliance requirements to insure that expectations are being met.


  • View multiple containers and all corresponding date/time event information.
    • Availability
    • Free Time Expiring
    • Appointments or Requested Delivery
    • Picked Up
    • Delivered
    • Empty Returned
  • Add signature, dray comments and receiving comments
  • Accurately Benchmark Truck and Terminal Performance

Search and Reporting capabilities

  • Container Number
  • Delivery Order Number
  • Customer Reference
  • Delivery Order Issue Date
  • ETA at Final Destination
  • Scheduled Delivery Date

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