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American Shipping Companies

American Shipping Company Inc.

As a nationally permitted U.S. Customs Broker and Export Foreign Freight Forwarder, we provide a highly integrated variety of services that cover the range from classification, clearance to post-entry at any port of arrival in the USA. Our global network includes hundreds of locations in over 60 countries (and growing) - providing expert service for all of your export forwarding needs.

American International Cargo Service Inc.

Providing weekly consolidation and services to and from over 60 countries - Asia, Europe, and most of South/Central America - we can ensure you access to virtually all port and airport pairs under the safety of our own contracts. You will be able to access our multiple carrier selections in every mode of transportation - ensuring that your cargo moves rapidly year-round, at your required price point and transit time.

American Cartage & Distribution

Based out of our New Jersey location, our main operating facility –conveniently situated close to many major sea ports, airports and rail yards – provides you not only with a centralized point of contact, but also one that covers the continental United States. All of our locations are staffed with highly trained customer service representatives who can personally help to expedite your storage experience.


American International Cargo Service (Asia) Ltd. is an extension of our USA network located in China (8 locations) and Hong Kong. Our Hong Kong office serves as our Regional Headquarters in Asia supporting all activity ex: Asia to USA, particularly as it relates to our ocean contracts providing guidance and support to insure your shipments are loaded and exported smoothly and on schedule.

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