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Our Services

American Shipping Company can provide you with as much or as little assistance as your business requires. By utilizing our "integrated logistics" systems, you can combine our extensive logistics expertise with a variety of custom information technology platforms - enabling a comprehensive management solutions system. However, if you already have existing relationships in place, we are comfortable working with your current partners; and will do our best to integrate all services efficiently.

Cargo Insurance

What is the risk to your business if something happens to the cargo that you shipped, or to the vessel that the cargo was being transported? Did you know that if a vessel takes on severe damage that YOU the cargo owner of freight on that vessel are responsible for paying the pro-rata share of the vessel repair? Over the years, we have heard too many stories where cargo owners did not properly assess their risk and, consequently, lost their total investment. Stories ranging from simple cargo theft from the back of a truck, crushed and open cartons disclosed upon final delivery to a lack of General Average insurance and spending equal value of the goods to retain release after a vessel incident causing damage to a vessel. When it comes to cargo insurance for the supply chain process, the cost of not buying insurance greatly outweighs the minimal amount spent on coverage!

American Shipping Co. gives you a risk assessment that will inform you of the options you have in case of supply chain losses. If you would like to have a better understanding of your potential risks and the cost of those risks, please contact one of our in-house insurance specialists - a few minutes can give you lasting peace of mind.


We can assist you with various different compliance-based programs to ensure your supply chain processes continue moving forward without interruption or financial risk. We provide automation to guarantee that an ISF is filed on every shipment destine for the USA avoiding delays and potential penalties levied by Customs Border Protection (CBP) for failure to file.   

We offer Harmonized Tariff Schedule advice as applied to your imported (or exported) product lines. We can also coordinate with CBP to request binding rulings for consistency and accuracy in classifying your products. Consistency is guaranteed in that once a product is classified and all parties agree, we maintain a tight data base where access is only allowed by our own staff of licensed Customs Brokers.  We then evaluate our database which is used exclusively for American Shipping’s automated entry preparation process guaranteeing zero deviation for an error free entry process.  

We can assist and guide you through the maze of requirements to have your company certified for several compliance based programs that CBP offers such as Customs -Trade  Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) or the Importer Self-Assessment (ISA) program.  

American Shipping Co. prides itself having many years of knowledge and expertise as it relates to other participating government agencies (PGA’s) such as Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), Fish and Wildlife (F&W), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Transportation (DOT), Agriculture (AQI), Lacey Act reporting and all others.  Our exposure and expertise related to regulated products is second to none with our data visibility systems supporting all!  

Customs Entry

Our commitment to customer service and relentless attention to detail consistently sets us apart and ensures that all aspects of the custom clearance process go smoothly. Our goal is to be a value added partner during the entire import & process. We will review all your products ensuring correct classification on the “up front” - both on the initial transition process, and ‘as needed’ for new products. Ensure consistency and accuracy - CBP entries compared with the data on the applicable ISF filings. And even review alternative methods of shipment through the US, and ways to declare your arrivals to CBP, based on your supply chain processes.

The following are just some of the services we provide for your U.S. Customs Entry needs: Import (HTS) Classifications; Binding Rulings; Advice on Trade Preference Programs; Protest Filing; Complete Inbound Management Programs; Customs Bonds; Cargo Insurance; All Post Entry work; Protest preparation and filing.Follow-up on liquidation issues. Visibility to critical information regarding your imports and exports.

Data Center

From origin to destination we specialize in cleansing and converting your shipping documents into easily accessible data. In order to facilitate your ability to make accurate decisions, we maintain a Data Entry Center to complement all of our services. Our commitment to you is simple: your data is never outsourced and always managed by our dedicated employees and controlled on a local level. Having a specialized team that stays focused on only shipping documents ensures our ability to maintain the highest level of integrity that your data deserves.

Each shipper and country have their own format of documents, making these shipping documents very hard to interpret for data entry. We challenge our management team daily to maintain processes that consistently assure quality data entry. Prior to starting the process of data cleansing and conversion of documents to data, we completely review the various types of shipping and commercial documents. Then we create templates that our data entry staff uses to ascertain the correct and required information for the data entry input fields based on the samples of the documents presented. Our staff is trained on how to interpret shipping documents for an overwhelming amount of different types of commercial documents, from many different trade lanes.

Document Imaging

America Shipping's document imaging strategy promotes workflow processing, saves storage space, assists in our Green Initiative and is approved by US Customs Border and Protection (CBP). This is truly a win-win for all supply chain parties involved.

American Shipping, as well as our importing clients, are required by regulations to save all import documentation for five years from the date of entry into the USA. Such a large volume of paper documents requires valuable storage space which, over the years, can add up to be an unwanted expense. Additionally, when you need to retrieve particular shipment documents for an audit inquiry, a request to the storage facility needs to be made which slows down your workflow process - adding to your cost of labor.

Our Ameriweb tracking software is an easy to use solution - seamlessly have your documents scanned and made available to you in various formats. All of your vital information can be stored on a CD with an indexing feature, routed via email to the appropriate party, or sent to you via secure FTP/AS2 for easy access - increase your workflow efficiency and decrease labor costs.

Please note: all information is also compliant with CBP section 163.5(b)(2) storage on electronic media, when requested and approved by CBP. If the importer has a CBP customs audit they will be allowed to use the scanned image and not the original source document. We have also had our importers use this for their year-end accounting audits.

Our systems can also supply you with a pure paperless billing in various simple and non-technical methodologies such as sending all scanned image documents via email. Or for a more complex solution we can provide zipped files with all documents contained therein and custom name each zip file to your liking for quick and efficient storage and retrieval.

What Our Clients Say


Tracking & Visibility
  • Track your shipment's exact location in real-time: We use AIS data, so you can see precisely where your container is on the ocean or rail route.

  • Anticipate delivery dates with confidence: Our algorithms factor in your chosen transport mode to provide accurate estimated arrival times.
Customs & Compliance
  • Seamless customs clearance: We guide you through the required documents needed for a smooth process (refer to our A.1.A list for details). All documents are securely stored for at least 5 years.

  • Expert product classification: Our team collaborates with you to ensure accurate classification of your goods using the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, minimizing delays at customs.
Data & Integration
  • Gain valuable insights: Access detailed shipment data and reports through AmeriReports, our web-based supply chain reporting and analytical tool. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) for better decision-making.

  • Effortless data exchange: Eliminate data entry hassles! We support standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), HTML, or any format you prefer, ensuring seamless data exchange for documents like invoices, shipping manifests, and purchase orders.

Cost & Savings
  • Transparent pricing: Our upfront pricing structure eliminates hidden fees, allowing you to accurately budget for your B2B freight movements.

  • Cost-effective solutions for large shipments: We work with you to find the most economical options for your B2B freight needs, maximizing value for your large-scale shipments.

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