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American Shipping Co. Inc. places a significant emphasis on regulatory and compliance matters, recognizing them as a cornerstone of its operations. The company understands that in the complex and ever-changing landscape of the shipping industry, adherence to regulations is not just a legal necessity, but also a critical factor in maintaining trust with clients, partners, and stakeholders.


American Shipping Company has established a robust compliance program that is designed to ensure all activities align with industry standards, laws, and regulations. This program includes regular training for employees, rigorous internal audits, and a strong emphasis on ethical conduct. The company’s commitment to compliance is reflected in its corporate culture, where every employee is expected to uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

We are proud of the fact that we have many licensed brokers in our employ providing the guidance and oversight needed to exercise reasonable care as required by regulation and embraced by our years of cultivating the unique culture we maintain. We leverage the skills of this elite group by offering classification and regulatory assistance in many different ways. For one, taking advantage of CBP’s binding ruling program leveraging our creativity to work with clients to gain the best advantage they can always within the framework of 100% compliance. We provide expert guidance and advise on items that require other Participating Government Agencies oversight such as Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Aphis, DOT/EPA, F&W, and all other government agencies that regulate cross border activities.


American Shipping Co. Inc. / American International Cargo Service Inc. is very active and are both validated and certified under the C-TPAT program guiding our clients to participate as well. We provide the guidance you need to participate in all Free Trade Agreements. Furthermore, American Shipping Co. Inc. proactively engages with regulatory bodies and industry groups to stay abreast of new developments and changes in regulations. This allows the company to adapt quickly and ensure continuous compliance.

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American Shipping Company can provide you with as much or as little assistance as your business requires. By utilizing our "integrated logistics" systems, you can combine our extensive logistics expertise with a variety of custom information technology platforms - enabling a comprehensive management solutions system. However, if you already have existing relationships in place, we are comfortable working with your current partners; and will do our best to integrate all services efficiently.

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