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Data Center

Data Center

From origin to destination we specialize in cleansing and converting your shipping documents into easily accessible data. In order to facilitate your ability to make accurate decisions, we maintain our own Data Processing Entry Center. Our commitment to you is simple: your data is never outsourced and always managed by our dedicated employees and controlled on a local level. Having a specialized team that stays focused on only shipping documents ensures our ability to maintain the highest level of integrity that your data deserves.

Each shipper and country have their own format of documents, making these shipping documents very hard to interpret for data processing. But with today’s technology we challenge our management team daily to maintain control processes and audit systems that consistently assure quality data processing so you can manage your supply chain with accuracy and confidence. As new technologies such as Ai continue to become more prevalent in real world logistical applications you can rest assured that we will be implementing where it makes sense to continue to perfect our data processing services. Contact us to find out what were doing with todays exciting technologies!

Our Services

American Shipping Company can provide you with as much or as little assistance as your business requires. By utilizing our "integrated logistics" systems, you can combine our extensive logistics expertise with a variety of custom information technology platforms - enabling a comprehensive management solutions system. However, if you already have existing relationships in place, we are comfortable working with your current partners; and will do our best to integrate all services efficiently.

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