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Document Imaging

Document Imaging

The American Companies document imaging strategy promotes workflow processing, saves storage space, assists in our Green Initiative and is approved by Custom Border and Protection (CBP). This is truly a win-win for all supply chain parties involved.

The American Companies, as well as our importing clients, are required by regulations to save all import documentation for five years from the date of entry into the USA. Such a large volume of paper documents requires valuable storage space which, over the years, can add up to be an unwanted expense. Additionally, when you need to retrieve particular shipment documents for an audit inquiry, a request to the storage facility needs to be made which slows down your workflow process - adding to your cost of labor.

Our AmeriWeb tracking software is an easy to use solution - seamlessly have your documents scanned and made available to you in various formats. All of your vital information can be stored on a CD with an indexing feature, routed via email to the appropriate party, or sent to you via secure FTP/AS2 for easy access - increase your workflow efficiency and decrease labor costs.

Please note: all information is also compliant with CBP section 163.5(b)(2) storage on electronic media, when requested and approved by CBP. If the importer has a CBP customs audit they will be allowed to use the scanned image and not the original source document. We have also had our importers use this for their year-end accounting audits.

Our systems can also supply you with a pure paperless billing in various simple and non-technical methodologies such as sending all scanned image documents via email.

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American Shipping Company can provide you with as much or as little assistance as your business requires. By utilizing our "integrated logistics" systems, you can combine our extensive logistics expertise with a variety of custom information technology platforms - enabling a comprehensive management solutions system. However, if you already have existing relationships in place, we are comfortable working with your current partners; and will do our best to integrate all services efficiently.

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