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Frequently Asked Questions

Tracking & Visibility
  • Track your shipment's exact location in real-time: We use AIS data, so you can see precisely where your container is on the ocean or rail route.

  • Anticipate delivery dates with confidence: Our algorithms factor in your chosen transport mode to provide accurate estimated arrival times.
Customs & Compliance
  • Seamless customs clearance: We guide you through the required documents needed for a smooth process (refer to our A.1.A list for details). All documents are securely stored for at least 5 years.

  • Expert product classification: Our team collaborates with you to ensure accurate classification of your goods using the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, minimizing delays at customs.
Data & Integration
  • Gain valuable insights: Access detailed shipment data and reports through AmeriReports, our web-based supply chain reporting and analytical tool. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) for better decision-making.

  • Effortless data exchange: Eliminate data entry hassles! We support standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), HTML, or any format you prefer, ensuring seamless data exchange for documents like invoices, shipping manifests, and purchase orders.

Cost & Savings
  • Transparent pricing: Our upfront pricing structure eliminates hidden fees, allowing you to accurately budget for your B2B freight movements.

  • Cost-effective solutions for large shipments: We work with you to find the most economical options for your B2B freight needs, maximizing value for your large-scale shipments.
Risk Management & Control
  • Minimize risks with cargo insurance: Choose the level of cargo insurance coverage that best suits your needs, protecting your investments against theft or damage during transport.

  • Proactive delay mitigation: We don't wait for problems to arise. We proactively monitor potential issues and take steps to keep your shipments on track, minimizing delays and disruptions.
Company & Services
  • Comprehensive B2B freight forwarding: We handle all aspects of your international shipments, from origin to destination, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

  • Global network, local expertise: With offices in over 50 countries, our extensive global network allows us to manage your imports and exports efficiently, leveraging local expertise for seamless international operations.
Supply Chain Optimization
  • Uncover hidden costs: Our comprehensive landed cost analysis reports capture all invoiced charges associated with your shipment, providing a clear picture of your total expenses. Reports are generated in Excel for easy customization.

  • Maximize container space: With sufficient information from your shipping documents, we analyze product space utilization within containers. This ensures efficient packing and maximizes the capacity you're paying for, helping you optimize your supply chain.
Data Security & Transparency
  • Secure document storage: All documents provided to American Shipping are digitally stored for at least 5 years in a secure and accessible location within your AmeriWeb account. You can easily download them at your convenience.

  • Complete visibility into your shipment's progress: Track key milestones throughout the customs clearance process with access to all Automated Broker Interface (ABI) events between CBP (Customs and Border Protection) and American Shipping Co. within the AmeriWeb portal.
Automated Notifications & Efficiency
  • Stay informed: Receive automatic notifications through AmeriReports when your shipment is fully released and ready for pickup, eliminating the need for constant checking.

  • Exception-based reporting: Our system proactively identifies any holds placed on your shipment by a government agency (PGA or Customs). You'll be promptly notified through AmeriReports, allowing you to take necessary actions to expedite resolution.

  • Gain valuable insights: Utilize built-in KPI reporting available within AmeriReports to gain valuable insights into your B2B freight movement, helping you identify areas for improvement and optimize your supply chain.
Financial Management & Reporting
  • Customizable reporting: We offer custom reporting formats that can be uploaded into your existing systems (EDI) for streamlined data exchange. Break down your duty payments by product, purchase order number, or any other way you allocate these expenses, providing the financial information you need for clear cost analysis.
Experience & Reliability
  • Trusted partner in B2B freight forwarding: Established in 1899, American Shipping Co. boasts a long and successful history of service with only 3 distinct ownerships. We are a reliable and trusted partner for all your B2B freight forwarding needs.

  • Financial stability: Upon request, we can provide financial references demonstrating our commitment to long-term stability and reliable service.
Control & Collaboration
  • Accurate product classification: We maintain a secure product code database with classifications meticulously performed