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Our flagship supply chain logistics visibility and management tool.

AmeriWeb is our proprietary, online tracking tool that empowers our clients with visibility during the entire lifecycle of the supply chain process – from the time you authorize the purchase, arrival at the manufacturers dock and then finally, through its intended destination.

Logistics Life Cycle

During the entire logistics life cycle, you will have the ability to precisely and accurately track your purchase orders and goods - literally, down to the actual purchase order and product level. Your complete, high level of control means that you are able to measure every milestone - translating into cost savings and efficiency.

Manage the logistics flow of your PO data

Our Purchase Order Management system was created in house to manage the logistics flow of PO data and to assist in managing the purchasing process. From the time you create your purchase order, we can also receive the same (via EDI 850), to help monitor the on time production of your international purchases. Our value add not only features our ability to help manage your vendors, but allows us to manage the purchase order data to interface directly with your own ERP systems. We do this by validating all data relevant to a shipment to insure that what you ordered is what was shipped from a documentation and data perspective. Once all the data we received or manage ourselves is available, we compare all data against your purchase order, handle any exceptions and then once perfected we can send you our Ship Notice (EDI 856) to upload into your own ERP system. Our purchase order management systems fuels integration between ourselves and our clients - providing a seamless supply chain solution from every aspect!

Store all supply chain records digitally

The Digital Imaging component of AmeriWeb was designed to empower our clients by giving them the ability to convert all necessary paperwork into digital formats. “We” will scan, store and make available to our clients all of your documentation, convert them into digital format for your use, provide data in any format you want either in Excel, PDF or even EDI format. Making this information available for use or viewing via various methods whether FTP, AS2, CD Rom via our AmeriWeb product or they can be routed directly to you via email via our paperless invoicing systems that can contain full packets of all transactional documents.

  • Compliant with CBP section 163.5(b)(2)
  • Save valuable office/warehouse storage space
  • Comply with 5 year storage requirement easily
  • Complete CBP customs and year-end audits faster - all documents fully indexed
  • Reduce paper waste