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As a nationally permitted U.S. Customs Broker and Export Foreign Freight Forwarder, we provide a highly integrated variety of services that cover the range from classification, clearance to post-entry at any port of arrival in the USA. Our global network includes hundreds of locations in over 60+ countries (and growing) - providing expert service for all of your export forwarding needs.

As an active participant in all Custom automated systems (ACE, RLF, ACH, AES, CSI, ISF - reconciliation and all other programs), you can rest assured we are able to customs clear merchandise or export your cargo quickly and efficiently, exceeding your expectations.

With mulitple experienced, licensed Customs Brokers actively engaged in each US branch office, our expert knowledge and range of resources will meet your customs brokerage needs cost effectively – with no unforeseen regulatory issues, and no hidden logistics surprises. We strive to help each client understand their complete delivery profile - on a customized, case by case basis.

Here to help

We can help you to build custom solutions that fit all of your global business needs.

  • Personalized help with tariff classifications, taxes, fees, duty and value declaration
  • Our compliance management representatives will help you to reduce cargo delays and costs associated with non-compliance to customs regulations.
  • Online visibility to the entry process, tracking cargo movement and delivery, billing details, and offer flexible reporting capabilities. See the technology section for more information.
    • Create customs documents for your shipments online (ISF)
    • Get instant access to all of your North American customs entry-related documents
    • Take advantage of the AmeriWeb Digital document offerings, which can assist you in meeting CBP recordkeeping regulations
  • Global customs brokerage coordination outside of North America.
  • As an active participant in the C-TPAT program, our security measures meet or exceed the latest requirements established by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

What Our Clients Say


Tracking & Visibility
  • Track your shipment's exact location in real-time: We use AIS data, so you can see precisely where your container is on the ocean or rail route.

  • Anticipate delivery dates with confidence: Our algorithms factor in your chosen transport mode to provide accurate estimated arrival times.
Customs & Compliance
  • Seamless customs clearance: We guide you through the required documents needed for a smooth process (refer to our A.1.A list for details). All documents are securely stored for at least 5 years.

  • Expert product classification: Our team collaborates with you to ensure accurate classification of your goods using the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, minimizing delays at customs.
Data & Integration
  • Gain valuable insights: Access detailed shipment data and reports through AmeriReports, our web-based supply chain reporting and analytical tool. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) for better decision-making.

  • Effortless data exchange: Eliminate data entry hassles! We support standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), HTML, or any format you prefer, ensuring seamless data exchange for documents like invoices, shipping manifests, and purchase orders.

Cost & Savings
  • Transparent pricing: Our upfront pricing structure eliminates hidden fees, allowing you to accurately budget for your B2B freight movements.

  • Cost-effective solutions for large shipments: We work with you to find the most economical options for your B2B freight needs, maximizing value for your large-scale shipments.

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